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cat1.gif (34059 bytes)How Cats Can Transmit Infection

A well looked-after cat poses no serious threat to its owners health, but it is useful to be aware of possible problems. The three ways in which an infection or parasitic disease can be transmitted by a cat are:-

1 - Direct contact...

Fungi or mites from the cats fur.

2 - Scratches or bites...

Micro-organisms from the cats mouth or claws.

3 - The faeces...

Worm eggs or parasites contaminating food or fingers.


Rabies - The most serious disorder.
Cat-scratch Fever - This is not a common illness.
Toxoplasmosis - Cats commonly carry the protozoan.
Toxocariasis - (Roundworms) Common parasites of cats. 
Tinea (Ringworm) - Ringworm is extremely contagious.
Tapeworm - Infection occurs when the cat swallows an infected flea.
Hookworm - Hookworms are intestinal parasites.
Feline Demodex - An inflammatory parasitic disease.
Ear Mites - Ear mites are very contagious. 
TicksRelaxation of the quarantine laws has seen more exotic ticks in the UK.

Fleas - Some people would like to believe that their animals do not have fleas.

Dander - Dander are tiny scales derived from animal skin and fur.
Cat Allergy - Millions of people world wide are allergic to cats.

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Indoor cats are less likely to have some of these problems, as generally, they do not eat rodents, or come into contact with other cats. But we should always practice good hygiene, particularly through washing of hands if there is any chance they are contaminated by faeces. Always keep a watch on young children who are playing with cats or other animals. If an animal is ill it should be seen by a veterinarian, and don't forget worming and flea treatment on a regular basis, particularly outdoor cats.

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