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Miscellaneous Feline Name-Related Topics

"Cat Tail" - Typha latifolia

Plant Names Relating to Cats

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Many plants have names that are derived from the anatomy of the cat. Some plants have hook-like thorns that  resemble the claws of a cat. Others have an aromatic odour, which has a strange fascination for cats. Some plants seem to have little reason for being named as they are, and do not appear to relate to cats at all.

"Catmint" - Nepeta faassenii x (N.mussinii) "White Cat's Whiskers" - Clerodendrum glabrum.
"Faassens Catmint" - Nepeta faassenii x (N.mussinii) "Cat's Whiskers Tacca" - Tacca nivea.
"Mauve Catmint" - Nepeta faassenii x. (N.mussinii)   "Cat Peas" -  Vicia cracca.
"Catmint" - Nepeta cataria. "Catjang Pea" - Cajanus cajan.
"Lemon Scented Cat Mint" - Nepeta cataria Citriodora. "Cat Grape" - Vitis palmata.
"Altia Mountain Catmint" - Schizonepeta kokanica. "Cat Herb" - Ballota africana.
"Cat Tail" - Typha latifolia bs (pu huang) "Chinese Cat Powder" - Actinidia polygama.
"Cat's Tail" - Bulbinella cauda-feis. "Catjang" - Vigna unguiculata.
"Cat's Tail" - Hebenstretia dura. "Tomcat Clover" - Trifolium willdenovii (T.tridentatum)
"Cat's Tail" - Phleum pratense v pratense. "Cata" - Catha edulis (khat)
"Cat's Tail" - Typha latifolia cs (pu huang) "Catkin Grevillea" - Grevillea synapheae.
"Cat-tail Flag" - Typha. "Catnip" - Nepeta cataria.
"Cat's Tail Aloe" - Aloe castenea.

"Japanese Catnip" - Schizonepeta tenuifolia (jing jie)

"Cattail" - Typha laxmannii cs.

"Estrangla cat (Oc)" - Smilax aspera.

"Small Cat's Tail" - Phleum bertolini. "Green Cat" - Eleusine coracana.
"Red Hot Cat's Tail" - Acalypha hispida.

"Syrian Catnip" - Nepeta curviflora.

"Meadow Cat's Tail" - Phleum pratense v pratense. "Catgut" - Tephrosia virginiana.
"Bristly Cat-Tail Sedge" - Carex frankii.

"Cat Thorn" - Scutia myrtina.

"Pussycat's Tails" - Ptiloyus clementii.

"Cat Thyme" - Teucrium marum.

"Pussycat's Tails" - Ptilotus.

"Pussy Willow" - Salix discolor.

"Cat'sfoot" - Antennaria dioca.

"Dent de lion" - Taraxacum officinale (pu gong ying)

"Cat's Paw" - Anigozanthos humilis.

"Lion's Claw" - Leontochir ovalei.

"Albany Cat's Paw" - Anigozanthos preissii.

"Lion's Ear" - Leonotis nepetifolia.

"White Cat's Paw" - Acrotome hispida. "Lion's Ear" - Leonotis leonurus.
"Cat's Claw Sensitive Briar" - Schrankia uncinata (S.nuttallii).

  "Lion's Ear" - Leonotis Staircase.

"Cat's Claw Vine" - Macfadyena unguis-cati (Doxantha u-c)

"White Lion's Ear" - Leonotis leonurus white.

"Catclaw Acacia" - Acacia greggii.

"Lion's Foot" - Nabalus albus (Prenanthes alba)

"Cat's Claw" - Macfadyena unguis-cati (Doxantha u-c.) "Lion's Foot" - Alchemilla xanthochlora (A. vulgaris)
"Cat's Ear" - Hypochaeris radicata. "Aster Giant Tiger Paw Sea Star" - Callistephus chinensis.
"Cat's Ear" - Hypochaeris uniflora. "Astiger Igelkolben" - Sparganium erectum.  
"Spotted Cat's Ear" - Hypochaeris radicata. "Astiger Igelkolben" - Sparganium erectum ssp neglectum.
"Cat's Whiskers" - Cleome gynandra. (Gynandropsis g)

"Columbia Tiger Lily" - Lilium columbianum. 


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