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The Teaser Tom

A Teaser Tom is a cat that is wholly intact for the exception of having the vas deferens "tied off", i.e. a vasectomy performed by a certified veterinarian rendering them infertile or sterile, leaving the barbs on the penis to stimulate ovulation in the female.
This solves the problem facing breeders in controlling estrus (heat cycle) or stimulating sterile ovulation. The neutered tom can start working approximately five to six weeks after the vasectomy; however, it is advisable for queens to have at least one full free cycle before being mated and bred after the tom's use.

Cats and rabbits, unlike dogs, only ovulate after being mated. Dogs ovulate approximately 10 days after the heat cycle starts. Cats, however, once they have been mated will mate continuously for a period of four or five days. Most pet owners are not aware when their cats are even in season! and only discover that their cat has reached sexual maturity when they notice that she is pregnant!

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