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Feline Anatomy

As far as I am concerned, felines are the greatest creatures on earth. Cats have so many differing abilities, skills and senses that I don't feel able to do them justice here.

A cat, during the day, can be a purring pet who affectionately sits on your lap; whilst at night it becomes a very efficient "killing machine," with the ability to run at speed climb, jump, fall, landing on its feet. It can even optimize light, thus "seeing in the dark" It has a greater sense of hearing than a canine and has a sense of smell thirty times greater than our own. Cats also know when earthquakes and severe storms are about to occur.


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Alphabetical Listing of Coat Colours and Patterns

Alphabetical Table of Feline Gestation Times

Alphabetical Listing of Cat Breeds

Feline Ageing

Cat Years  

Sexing a Kitten

 Feline Mating and Conception

Feline Pregnancy and Birth

Anatomy of a Pregnant Cat

False Pregnancy

Cloned Cats

Skeletal System of the Cat

Internal Organs of the Cat

Feline Hearing

Condition of Cat's Teeth 

How Cats Can Transmit Infection

Animal CPR

Cardiovascular System of the Cat

Digestive System of the Cat

Endocrine System of the Cat

The Feline Organs of Special Senses

Hematopoietic System of the Cat

Integumentary System of the Cat

lymphatic System of the Cat

Musculoskeletal System of the Cat

Nervous System of the Cat

Respiratory System of the Cat

Urogenital System of the Cat 

Superficial Muscles of the Cat

 Feline Teeth

Feline Dewclaws

Feline Claws

Feline Paws

Cat's Eyes


The Feline Sense of Smell

Feline Parasites

Keratinized Growths




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